Notes on Travelling Restriction over High-Emission (High-Pollution) Vehicles in Huangpu District

  To enhance motor vehicle pollution prevention work and protect / improve air environment and quality, restriction measures over high-emission vehicles will be implemented from September 1, 2012 on approval of the Municipal Government in accordance with Guangzhou Motor Vehicle Exhaust Pollution Control Regulations, Notice of Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government on Implementation of Motor vehicle Environment protection marks Management and other applicable regulations. The following are details:

  I. From September 1, 2012, travelling of vehicles without green and environment protection marks will be prohibited in the following urban areas on 24-h basis:

  Restriction Area I: Downtown Huangpu District

  To the north of Gangqian Road (excluded)

  To the east of Xieshan West Road/Maogang Road (excluded)

  To the south of Hulin Road (excluded) and to the west of Shihua Road (excluded)

  The above areas do not include Huangpu East Road, Fengle South Road and Zhongshan Avenue (until the crossing of Maogang Road).

  Restriction Area II: The neighborhood of Nanhai Temple

  To the south of Huangpu East Road (excluded)

  To the east of Miaotouyong (including Dianchang West Road) and to the north of Zhujiang River bank

  To the west of Geqiang Road (excluding Geqiang Road/Dianchang East Road)

  Restriction Area III: All territory of Changzhou Island (excluding Xinhua Expressway).

  II. Vehicles mentioned hereby mean gasoline, diesel or gas-fueled passenger, cargo vehicles and other special-purpose vehicles.

  III. Environment protection marks mentioned hereby mean certificates uniformly produced and issued by the environment protection authorities as an evidence of compliance with the stipulated regulations, represented by green and yellow marks respectively.

  IV. Unless stipulated otherwise hereby, vehicles both from Guangzhou and elsewhere are included. Exception is allowed for military vehicles, police vehicles, fire engines, ambulances and engineering wreckers

  V.  Unless stipulated otherwise hereby, the roads mentioned above shall be restricted. Any restriction in the scope that allows travelling of vehicles shall be obeyed.

  VI. Any violation of this Notice will be punished by the public organs, environment protection authorities and traffic administration authorities in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and rules.

  VII. This Notice will go to effect on September 1, 2012 with an effective period of 5 years. The transition period is from September 1, 2012 to February 28, 2013. During the transition period, the vehicles violating the restriction will receive more education and less punishment. For any change of governing laws or policies or expiry of the effective period, this notice will be assessed and amended by law according to actual situations.

  The above is the notice.

  August 31, 2012