Guangdong Yuehua Power Co., Ltd

  Guangdong Yuehua Power Co., Ltd. (originally known as Huangpu Power Plant) is located in Miaotou, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, bordering on Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone in the east, No. 107 National Trunk with convenient transportation in the north and winding and charming Pearl River in the south, known as “a brilliant pearl by Pearl River.” About 30 kilometers from downtown Guangzhou, the Company occupies a key area of industrial development in Guangzhou, surrounded by Guangzhou Petrochemical General Factory, New Huangpu Harbor, Guangzhou Honda, Zhujiang Steel Work and other key enterprises. It is a key power support to economic and living development of downtown Guangzhou.

  Huangpu Power Plant, founded in 1973, put into production the first 125MW oil-fired unit in 1978 and completed 6 units in 1990, including four 125 MW oil-fired unit and 2 home-made 300MW coal-fired units with total installed capacity of 1100MW. In 2000, it was transformed to Guangdong Yuehua Power Co., of which Guangdong Yudean Group Co., Ltd. (51%) and China Huaneng Group (49%). With No. 3 and 4 oil-fired units out of service in November 2008 and No. 1 and 2 oil-fired units out of service in October 2009, the plant positively fulfilled the undertaking of shutting small-scale thermal units.

  Since its establishment, Yuehua Company (Power Plant) has paid high attention to safe production, strengthened operation and management, constantly improved cost efficiency, safety and reliability of the units by technological progress and kept cost and technical indicators at the top of similar generation units in China. In 2002, the Company passed ISO9000 International Quality Management System Certification. It introduced NOSA Five Star OHSE System in 2004. In 2006, OMS passed quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system certification. The Company generated 4.444 billion KWH of power in 2008, accumulatively 152.955 billion KWH for 30 years since putting into production.

  The Company has won many national, provincial and municipal honorary titles. It became the first provincial advanced enterprise in Guangdong electrical industry in 1988, the first national secondary enterprise among all electrical enterprises in Guangdong in 1989 and won the title of National First-class Thermal Power Plant in May 2000. Later, it was selected as “China Electricity Council Electrical Information Construction Benchmarking Enterprise”, “Guangdong Excellent Entity with Outstanding Contribution to Corporate Culture”, “Guangdong Entity with Outstanding Contribution to Social Responsibility” and “Guangdong Credit Demonstration Enterprise”. In 2008, it was selected as Guangdong “the 30th Anniversary of Reform and Opening” Enterprise with Outstanding Innovation and Contribution to Corporate Management, “Guangdong Independent Innovation Benchmarking Enterprise" and "AAA Advanced Power Generation Enterprise of Yudean Group”.

  On basis of effective internal corporate production and management, the Company actively implements “go-globe” strategy and provides multi-level and professional power plant operation, repair, commissioning and other service to the public. The Company has undertaken production and management of Guangzhou Hengyun Power Plant, Xintang Wanglong Power Plant and Zhongshan Hengmen Power Plant. The contracted projects include production, operation and technical management of Guangzhou Ruiming Power Plant, heat supply boiler operation and unit repair of Huizhou LNG Power Plant, unit repair of Shanwei Power Plant, operation of Haiphong in Vietnam, power supply operation and repair of Guangzhou Pazhou Conference and Exhibition Center, etc. For years, the Company has also participated in many projects of power plant commissioning and unit thermal tests.

  On basis of corporate development, the Company actively shoulders social responsibility, cares living of the people and pays attention to environment protection. In May 2006, 600MW flue gas desulfurization project of the Company was put into operation as the largest existing desulfurization equipment in Guangzhou, by which the Company has fulfilled its solemn undertaking via “Blue Sky Project” with SO2 emission reduction accounting for 20% of the target set by Guangzhou Municipal Government. In 2007, the Company won the titles, “Green Card” Environment Protection Credit Grade of the Provincial Department of Environment Protection and Guangzhou Water Saving Enterprise. In 2008, the Company’s Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) was linked to Yudean Group, the provincial and municipal environment protection authorities and power dispatching authorities, by which the environment protection can be monitored by many parties on 24/7 basis.

  Now, Guangzhou is working hard to implement the “Eleventh Five” Plan, create eastern new urban area and advance to a fresh development period. In a new period, under the correct guidance of both shareholders, Yuehua is actively advancing energy saving and emission reduction, “supporting the larger and curbing the smaller”, green power, etc. to create a resource-saving and environment-friendly modern power plant and infuse endless power to social development.

  Address of the Company: Miaotou, Huangpu District, Guangzhou

  Postal code: 510731

  Telephone: 020-82138600

  Fax: 020-82212775