Key Resources and Enterprises along Pearl River, Huangpu District

  I. Guangzhou Wenchong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

  Guangzhou Wenchong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (WSC) was founded in 1955 and transformed to a limited company in 2001 with a registered capital of RMB 802.05 million as a key shipbuilding enterprise based in South China under China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC). Plants of the Company occupy about 699,000 m2 (including shipyard of about 200,000 m2) with about 1320 m-long dock coast (including 900 m-long shipyard coast). The Company has two dry docks of 150,000 tons and 250,000 tons respectively in addition to a slipway of 250,000 tons and completed supporting facilities for shipbuilding, heavy industry and mechanical production. Now, its business covers building of container ships and dredgers, port machinery, bridge steel structure manufacturing, machine products manufacturing, etc. So far, with capacity of building less-60,000 ton ships, the Company focus on creating the building brand of engineering ships, such as large and ultra-large dredgers (above 30,000 m3), as a Chinese building base for regional container ships and mid-large dredgers below 3500TEU in South China.

  II. Guangzhou Huangpu Shipbuilding Factory

  Guangzhou Huangpu Shipbuilding Factory (HSF) , founded in 1851 as a large state-owned enterprise under CSSC and a key civil and military developer in South China. HSF, located in Changzhou Island, borders on the well-known Huangpu Military Academy by a wall, Huangpu Harbor and Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development District in the east, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center in the west and Guangzhou International Conference and Exhibition Center in the north, covering an area of 970,000 m2 with port coast of over 2800m and water depth of 6-12m. HSF is specializing in military products, high-speed vessels and offshore engineering projects, steel works, large port machinery, etc and focusing on R&D of special ships. With the largest indoor slipway and shipbuilding factory in South China as well as floating dock of 12,000-ton lift force, it can build submarines, all kinds of warships, military auxiliary ships, all types of vessels, work boats, engineering ships, business ships, export fishing and processing ships, all kinds of 450-seat aluminum high-speed crafts, offshore projects, steel structure projects, large port machinery, etc.

  III. Guangzhou Top & Ideal Logistics Service Co., Ltd,

  Guangzhou Top & Ideal Logistics Service Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, is a civil comprehensive logistics service enterprise in the area of Huangpu Harbor, Guangzhou, with about 220 m of port coast. The business covers port operation, professional customs declaration, inspection agency, rail, road and barge transportation, professional warehousing, import and export agency, international forwarding, international shipping agency, container repair and logistics operation program planning. Top & Ideal started to build comprehensive logistics information platform in 2007, which will be completed in 2010 according to the plan, to support the Company’s strategy of internal resources integration, collaborative operation system and wide outbound application of information service, improve service of the enterprise and lower operation costs of the enterprise. The Company has established standard and personal information service system, built special B2B platform for effectively applying E-commerce in logistics service for suppliers, customers, shipping companies and government agencies.

  IV. Guangdong Swire Cold Chain Logistics Co. Ltd.

  Guangdong Foodstuffs Imp.&Exp. (Group) Corp. (GFIM) has planned to introduce the leader in world cold chain logistics industry, Swire Australia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of John Swire & Sons Ltd. (U.K.) (Swire), to restructure the assets, activate the stock assets, develop increment assets of Huangpu Refrigeration Factory under GFIM and Huangpu Aulian Refrigeration Co., Ltd (Guangdong), form Guangdong Swire Cold Chain Logistics Co. Ltd and gradually develop it into a cold chain leader in South China. The Company, covering an area of over 60,000 m2 with about 400 m of coast, will improve the two existing refrigeration houses of Huangpu Refrigeration Factory and Aulian Refrigeration Co., Ltd and newly build a high-end refrigeration house with closed platform within 5 years. With about 40,000 tons of capacity, the refrigeration houses operate storage and logistic distribution of cooled and frozen products, including mid-high-end imported frozen aquatic products, frozen meat, frozen food, dairy products, wine, chocolate, ice-cream, etc in addition to room-temperature storage and other related supporting service.

  V. Huangpu District of Guangzhou Harbor

  So far, Huangpu Port Branch has operation berthing coast of 2858 m, 16 port production berths, 10 10,000-ton berths, 9-m-deep waterway (10.5 m deep in harbor basin of Hongshengsha Berth to the south of the waterway and 9 m deep in harbor basin of Damatou Berth to the north of the waterway) and 4 10,000-ton operation anchorage grounds in the harbor. The Company also has storage site of 459,000 m2 for operation with a capacity of 575,000 tons. It is specializing in handing, storing, transiting agency and ship/truck transportation business for domestic and foreign import & export goods. Its annual handling capacity is over 20 million tons, including 600,000 TEU of containers. The container transportation focuses on cargo handling of barges and mid-small domestic trade liners, which makes it one of the key foreign trade collecting and distributing centers for import & export containers in Pearl River Delta and also one of the feeding port of Hong Kong containers. In domestic trade, it covers container liners from and to Shanghai and other ports on the southeastern coast with great advantage in handling efficiency and service. The customs authority has set inspection area in the Company.

  VI. Sinotrans Guangdong Huangpu Depot and Dock Co., Ltd.

  Sinotrans Guangdong Huangpu Depot and Dock Co., Ltd is jointly formed by Sinotrans Limited Shanghai and China Marine Shipping Agency Co., Ltd. With coast of over 600 m and 6 berths, 3 for large vessels and 3 for small vessels, it is specializing in cargo handling, warehousing, bonded warehouse business, cargo insurance, hull insurance part-time agency, entry-exit inspection and quarantine declaration agency, goods distribution agency, customs declaration agency, inspection declaration, cargo processing agency, change of packaging, marking, waterway transport information consulting, etc. The Company has planned to invest RMB 300 million in building the professional market, covering an area of 84,344 m2 to the north of the yard at No. 713 Gangqian Road, Huangpu District, to expand steel logistics business.