Build Well-known E-commerce Center at High-Standard Talent Valley in Huangpu, Guangzhou

  “Huangpu will lead national E-commerce demonstration base to an excellent and powerful development by planning and constructing Talent Valley, and seize the intelligent industry cluster in South China by construction of Machinery Valley,” said Mr. Chen Xiaogang, the Party Secretary of Huangpu District in an interview with the Newspaper yesterday. He thoroughly talked about the measures of Huangpu to deeply study and implement the spirit of the 3rd Plenary of the 10th Municipal Party Congress and comprehensively develop new urbanization of Huangpu as a practice district of economic and social transformation of the City.

  So far, Huangpu has opened three gates of the City, i.e. low carbon, wisdom and happiness, and started to advance towards a “modern riverside urban area integrating harbor and city suitable for both business and living.”

  Immediately after the 3rd Plenary of the 10th Municipal Party Congress, Huangpu District held the 3rd Plenary of the 9th District Party Congress on the 24th to quickly study and fully implement spirit of the Municipal Plenary.

  In-depth Understanding of “1+15” Policy and Document of the City

  Mr. Chen Xiaogang said that, based on in-depth understanding of the arrangement of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Huangpu District has formulated “1+11” Policy and Document to further carry out the spirit of the 3rd Plenary of the 9th District Party Congress and “1+15” Policy and Document. Special attention are paid to the formulation of specific and practicable “Roadmap” to “advance the work and fulfill the tasks” according to the requirements of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government in Huangpu District in constructing national E-commerce Demonstration Base, creating Huangpu Intelligence Port, polishing the sign board of “Marine Silk Road”, etc. We will “hold up” economic and social transformation and upgrading in line with the master document, i.e. Opinions on Comprehensively Developing New Urbanization of the District Party Committee and District Government with the axis of “breakthrough, innovation, implementation and reform” and the guidance of 34 key works. 11 supporting documents arrange construction of intelligence industry innovation base, creation of Pearl River golden coast (Huangpu section), construction of riverside E-commerce area, construction of national E-commerce demonstration base, comprehensive, grid and information service management and reform, reform of “society and enterprise separation”, poverty alleviation and development of Changzhou Island, innovation of Party construction, etc. In addition, sticking to “three breakthroughs” as a key foothold of new urbanization development, Huangpu has set this year as “three-key-breakthrough” year and summarized 75 key projects with a total investment of RMB 136.2 billion.

  “Our attitude is clear on how to implement decisions and arrangements by the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, that is, to ‘do’ it with effective responsibility of every person, ‘lead’ it by personal demonstration, ‘seize’ it by reform and innovation and ‘manage’ it by scientific mechanism and institution,” said Mr. Chen Xiaogang. “Based on effect of implementation, we will constantly advance new urbanization and reflect the achievement on happy life of common people.”

  “Along the road of industrial intelligence and information orientation, Huangpu has laid a solid foundation and won favorable earlier start advantage. In line with the mission of building “intelligent Guangzhou”, we will work hard to transform regional comparison advantage to comprehensive competition advantage to seek more intelligent development of Huangpu. Mr. Chen Xiaogang said that Huangpu is actively planning the new pattern of industrial development driven by both Talent Valley and Machinery Valley, to achieve equal progress of E-commerce and intelligent machinery.

  Construction of E-commerce service platform

  It is reported that Huangpu District has been approved to be one of the 34 national E-commerce demonstration bases this year and also the only one in Guangzhou (except for Shenzhen, city with independent budgetary status). So far, it is planning and constructing Talent Valley with high conception, high start point, high standards and high specifications. Phase I has been completed. Amazon Operation Center of Guangzhou will soon settle in. Internet of things High-end Financial Service District of China Express and other key projects are also advancing at high speed. “We will construct E-commerce Public Service Platform, introduce more well-known E-commerce enterprises and local operation centers and guide E-commerce to an intensive and leaping development,” said Mr. Chen Xiaogang. By 2015, the District will gather 20-30 well-known E-commerce enterprises with annual turnover over RMB 100 billion and try to become electronic trade center of commodities in South China, gathering area in eastern Guangzhou and E-commerce well-known center in China and even the world.

  Meanwhile, with Machinery Valley as a breakthrough and intelligent machinery as the leader, Huangpu District has successfully driven China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH) and Guangzhou Municipal Government to enter into strategic cooperation agreement, formed rubber coating robot R&D team and laboratory and planned business attraction of intelligent industry projects. Mr. Chen Xiaogang said, “through intelligent machinery is a rather fresh field, we have quite a high start point in R&D strength, product manufacturing, enterprise service, etc.” With the completion of Machinery Valley Phase I, Huangpu will form a functional system integrating R&D, test and commerce with intelligent industry output over RMB 1 billion in 2014 and RMB 5 billion in 2017, to achieve a wonderful transformation and upgrading.

  In addition, Huangpu District positively strives to enhance the transformation and upgrading of Pearl River coast, create a model area in constructing Pearl River Golden Coast in Guangzhou, modernize urban upgrading and reform and expand function of urban space. Through transformation and upgrading by “one river and one city”, we will fully improve function and quality of Huangpu.