Supports for Development of E-commerce Industry in Huangpu, Guangzhou

  Article 1 These Measures are hereby formulated to construct national E-commerce demonstration construction, speed up gathering of E-commerce enterprises and quickly develop E-commerce industry in the District in consideration of actual situation.

  Article 2 These Measures provide supports for enterprises engaged in the following E-commerce activities:

  (1) Trade based on Internet;

  (2) Commercial activities which solve problems, reduce costs, increase value and create commercial and trade opportunities by Information Technology from raw material inquiry, procurement, development and design, product exhibition and ordering to output, storage and transportation, electronic payment and service; activities providing support service to E-commerce industry, such as platform establishment, innovation of pattern, etc.

  Article 3 E-commerce enterprises governed by these Measures shall meet the following basic conditions:

  (1) Having industrial and commercial administration registration place (or branch registration place) and paying tax in Huangpu District with registered capital of over RMB 1 million (included) or sales income of over RMB 3 million (included) for the last year (capital mentioned in these Measures shall adopt RMB as its currency, where any contribution by foreign currency shall be converted according to the exchange rate announced on the day of contribution. The following is subject to the same).

  (2) E-commerce serves as main operation method of the enterprise with main business income accounting for over 50% of the enterprise’s total sales.

  Article 4 Annual budget of the District shall grant special development funds of E-commerce by impetus and subsidy and support industrial development of E-commerce in the District. Measures of special fund management are stipulated otherwise.

  Article 5 Upon the approval, the qualified E-commerce enterprises will receive the following supports:

  (1) Settlement Awards to enterprise

  One enterprise may declare one of the following settlement awards:

  1. Well-known enterprise settlement award: By transferring registration place and tax payment place into the District and promising an operation period of over 5 years, any key E-commerce enterprise recognized by the industry with high driving effect will receive up to RMB 1 million of award by a lump sum as a support for project construction. Recognition of domestic well-known E-commerce enterprises is subject to the selection results for Top 100 E-commerce enterprises during last three years by China E-Commerce Association.

  2. Subsidy to entrepreneurial settlement: Upon the implementation of these Measures, the E-commerce enterprises settled and registered in the District will receive by a lump sum 1% of their paid-in capital, up to RMB 300,000, as entrepreneurial subsidy.

  (2) Office Rental subsidy

  1. The office places governed by these Measures include administrative office area, operation area and warehouse in this District.

  2. The enterprises with office area up to 3000 m2 in principle will be provided with a subsidy by 1 m2/RMB 10,000 by paid-in capital according to comprehensive assessment of corporate operation size, staff, equipment and other situations.

  3. The actually leased office area below the recognized area will receive a subsidy equivalent to 50% of the rent, up to the minimal rent of RMB 60/month/m2 (subject to the upper limit), for 5 years.

  4. During the period with provision of office rental subsidy, the enterprise shall not under-lease, sublease the office area and change the usage of the office without approval.

  (3) Award for economic contribution

  According to the contribution of the enterprise to the local finance, award for enterprise development will be granted for 3 years from the year when the tax amount reaches the award conditions.

  Detailed measures:

  During the first and second completed taxation years after settlement in the Park, the award is equivalent to 40% of enterprise contribution to local finance in case annual tax reaches RMB 1-5 million (included), 45% of enterprise contribution to local finance in case annual tax reaches RMB 5-10 million (included), and 50% of enterprise contribution to local finance in case annual tax reaches over RMB 10 million (included). Amount of the award will increase with the contribution of the enterprise to local finance. In the third year, proportion of award amount will be decreased by half.

  (4) Subsidy to public service platform construction

  Any enterprise settled in the Park with an annual tax of RMB 500,000 (included) will receive subsidy equivalent to up to 20% of actual investment in such projects, up to RMB 500,000 for each, as key or generic technology research project, public service platform construction project, innovative commercial pattern and project with bright market prospect in E-commerce.

  (5) Award from the Park

  If an E-commerce park has over 10,000 m2 of usable office area, over 80% of E-commerce enterprise settlement rate and actual operation of over 1 year, its organizing and managing body (excluding our administrative institution) will receive the award of RMB 200,000, RMB 100,000 and RMB 50,000 by a lump sum on comprehensive recognition for project of national, provincial and municipal demonstration park.

  (6) Auxiliary support

  1. If one E-commerce enterprise or its project wins honorary title from the state, provincial or municipal government, the enterprise will receive the corresponding award of RMB 200,000, RMB 100,000 and RMB 50,000..

  2. If one E-commerce enterprise acquires municipal or higher financial support, the enterprise will receive appropriate subsidy according to fund supporting requirement by the higher authority.

  Article 6 Declaration and approval of award and subsidy

  (1) Any award or subsidy covered hereby shall be initiated by the Economic and Trade Bureau of the District and applied by comprehensive arrangement together with the Technology and Information Bureau and Finance Bureau of the District.

  (2) According to the regulations, an enterprise entitled to the award and subsidy shall prepare complete business license, tax registration certificate and other applicable documents and submit the same to Economic and Trade Bureau of the District.

  (3) For well-known enterprise settlement award, office place rental subsidy qualification verification, Technology and Information Bureau, Finance Bureau of the District and other authorities shall give opinions and submit the same to the District Government for verification within 2 months after corporate and tax registration of the enterprise.

  (4) For other support and declaration, Technology and Information Bureau, Finance Bureau of the District and other authorities shall calculate support amount of an enterprise and give opinions and submit the same to the District Government for verification before each April after the end of complete tax year of the enterprise.

  (5) On examination and approval of all support projects by the District Government, the Economic and Trade Bureau of the District will notify relevant authorities and the support-receiving enterprises.

  (6) Finance Bureau of the District will make payment to relevant enterprises within 1 month after receipt of relevant documents according to approval document of the District Government and applicable regulations on treasure payment of the District; subject to regular operation of the enterprises, the rental subsidy shall be honored on quarterly basis from the first month after the quarter when he enterprises receive rent payment evidence.

  Article 7 Any project with support hereof is not entitled to other similar support policies of the District.

  Article 8 Any project with support hereof shall not move out of Huangpu District within 5 years since the date of corporate industrial and commercial registration, otherwise relevant award and subsidy shall be returned.

  Article 9 E-commerce enterprise with strong driving and growth effect will receive support from “one enterprise and one policy” upon approval of the district government.

  Article 10 Support clauses hereof are applicable to E-commerce-related projects of excellent cultural creation enterprises in the District.

  Article 11 These Measures are construed by Economic and Trade Bureau of the District.

  Article 12 These Measures shall come into force as of the date of promulgation with a temporary term of 5 years.